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Our services are accredited by the FDA and
 the ACR (American College of Radiology)

If your facility is already using mobile diagnostic services, you are familiar with its many benefits:
  • Eliminating the costly expense of ambulance transportation
  • Minimizing excessive movement of the patient
  • Reducing stress for residents, patients, and staff
  • Enhancing the safety of your patients by reducing travel

But Lackawanna goes well beyond the basics-our certified field technicians are true professionals who take pride in their work, and they are the cornerstones of our success. They treat each patient as an individual, with dignity, care and respect. They defuse potentially stressful situations with a soothing word or a smile, instilling confidence with their proficiency and knowledge. And, most importantly, they treat your patients like family.


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Vascular Studies

EKG Exams



Holter Monitors


Mobile Medical Imaging, Mobile Ultrasound Services, Bone Density Testing, Diagnostic MammogramsOur highly trained technologists are ready to provide a wide range of mobile medical services, on-site, such as mobile medical imaging, mobile ultrasound services, Bone Density testing, diagnostic mammograms, as well as 24 hour holter monitors. These services are provided to our clients onsite at nursing facilities, physician offices, Eldercare and Retirement Communities, Correctional Facilities, etc., from our mobile medical vans equipped with the most advanced mobile diagnostic equipment and manned by expert medical personnel. Our pricing is flexible and customized to your needs.

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